Injection molding

Price is usually one of the most critical factors affecting any injection molding machine supplier’s business. The price war is also one of the frequent struggles between many companies and their competitors. Everyone will worry about how to position the price, so today, we mainly share a few key factors affecting the Injection molding machine price with you.

The cost of raw materials will affect the Injection molding machine price!

It should be noted that the cost of raw materials will affect the price of injection molding machines. The materials used to make an injection molding machine and its tools can be costly. For example, steel and aluminum are commonly used in devices because they are solid and cheap. However, they must be heat treated after machining, an extra step in the production process that adds significantly to the cost. If you plan to use rare metals like titanium or tungsten carbide, your final product cost should skyrocket! These materials require specialized equipment and knowledge, which can add to your project’s cost more than traditional metals such as steel or aluminum.

The quality and quantity of raw materials will affect the Injection molding machine price!

The quality and quantity of raw materials will affect the price of injection molding machines. Raw material costs are crucial in determining product prices. With high-quality raw materials, you can get better products at lower prices. The cost of raw materials will affect the price of injection molding machines.

The size and specification of a product are also important factors in determining its cost, so these should be considered when calculating the budget for purchasing an injection molding machine or other machinery used in the production process, such as painting or assembly line tasks, which require additional equipment. Product and design complexity are also important factors, adding to cost by increasing setup time and requiring additional personnel training before a production run of a complex part design can begin.

The size and specification of the produced product

The size and specifications of the products produced are critical factors in determining the price of an injection molding machine. The larger the product, the higher its price. Also, costs increase if the product involves multiple parts because more molds must be created for each piece. Beyond that, additional charges are applied if you want to produce complex products with many different roles. The material used also affects the cost, as some materials require special handling to be used as raw materials for injection molding machines. These treatments involve heating or cooling certain metals until they reach specific temperatures. Hence, they are malleable enough to inject mold cavities during assembly processes such as blow molding or roto-molding.

Product Complexity and Design Complexity

Product and design complexity are the other two main factors affecting the price of injection molding machines. The more complex your product is, the more expensive it will be. The more complex the design of the part, the higher its price. Suppose you have many features in your assembly. This also adds significantly to cost, as each additional component increases tooling costs, which increases labor costs during assembly.

When designing a new product or redesigning an existing one, you can reduce costs by Designing for assemblies. Don’t create parts based on function alone; consider how they fit together when assembled. Avoid as many fasteners/screws as possible and use snaps instead of adhesive.

Design for assembly process considerations

Design for assembly is a method that helps reduce the number of parts and assembly steps in a product. It can be a strategic tool to reduce product costs, shorten lead time, and reduce assembly and quality control costs. Here are some examples: Reducing the number of parts – If you have 100 pieces in your design, but by using DFA, you can reduce it to 50, saving the material cost and labor associated with making that extra 50 parts price. Reducing the interconnections between components, therefore, reducing them will improve the manufacturability of the product and ultimately reduce the cost.


By controlling these factors, the price of the injection molding machine can be well maintained, and an appropriate fee will make your injection molding machine competitive. In this way, we can have good market sales in the entire injection molding machine market to help more manufacturing companies complete the output of high-quality products they want step by step.

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