It is essential to properly maintain your tattoo equipment and to ensure that it functions properly; it’s best to care for the equipment and maintain them properly. Here we will look at tattoo pens and how they can be maintained to work for a long time.

As per the latest innovation, the new wireless pen machine is more sleek and stylish and helps the artist make more intricate designs to do their best tattoo work.

The 101 tips for maintaining a tattoo pen are as follows:

  1. Cleaning your Tattoo Pen

Regularly cleaning your tattoo pen prevents ink buildup, bacterial growth, and potential infections. Then to do that, you need to know how to disassemble the product to be cleaned.

In that process, it is also important to not use a single needle after each work and change while using it for the next client. To clean it properly, use disposable alcohol wipes, which you can wipe down.

It is also important to clean the grip and motor of the pen machine. Using medical-grade disinfectant for sterilization has been preferred so that it doesn’t get harmed by any kind of bacteria, which might lead to infection.

2. Lubricating Moving Parts

For a smooth tattooing experience, it is essential that the pen machine stays smooth and get less heated by reducing friction. To do that, you need to regularly lubricate the machine so that you can always put up your best work.

If you are using a product of any particular brand, look at the manual and look for suggestions to lubricate the product accordingly and not damage the key parts of the tattoo pen.

3. Check Electrical Components

Tattoo pens need to ensure that they get properly charged or connected. In the case of power supply cords, check for any damage. Use the charger in the wireless tattoo pen machine to check whether the machine is getting properly charged. It is best to fully charge the device and then use it. Refrain from using it when it is half-charged, as it can reduce the power intake capability of the device.

If you have any issues, contact a technician to help you treat that problem and make the additional repair.

4. Sterilization and Autoclaving

Certain tattoo pens can be autoclaved through the process of sterilization, and it is a necessary step to prevent infection. Bacterial infection can happen when you are using cartridges for multiple work. It is also the best practice to use high-quality and reputable cartridges and use them for only a single time.

5. Store Properly

Storing the tattoo pen in a dry and cool place is also important when not using the product. It is best to keep it away from direct sunlight, as this could damage the product and other sensitive components. Following this process, you can ensure that all the components of the tattoo pen machine will work properly; for that, you need to keep all the essential elements sterilized and maintained.

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